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Who am I ?

Assalam aleykoum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,

I start all post apologising if my English is not perfect but I’m French living in UK for a year and a half.

I’m half French and half Portuguese, I was raised as a catholic even if my father was not a believer. 

I was baptised and went to Sunday school,  did the profession of faith and first communion, as Catholics’ do.(Don’t really know if it is the right translation).

I love Jesus much since childhood, always prayed God, I started wondering  when I grew up, why people go to church to pray and don’t pray at home (as Jesus, peace be upon him, taught us we can pray everywhere) and why there is plenty of statues even if Moses (who is a prophet in the Bible aswell even if most Catholics would say Jesus made a new statement) taught us not to praise statues. 

Story shorted I started thinking about prophets teachings and what believers practice. I was really interested in all religions. Yes, all. I started with old like Greeks and Romans , a little bit of Egyptians, later Hinduism even Buddhism . I always said I will read All religions books. I read Bible & Coran.

At the same time when people used to ask me about my religion I used to say : 

I believe in God, but I don’t have any religion. I will have one when one would say there is one God for all humans.And we are all the same.

Well, at that time I didn’t know that was Islam says.

At that time all I heard was “Allah is not the same God”, even Muslims I met was showing a totally different image of what Islam is.

I found out that a lot of Muslim don’t even know what Islam is because as my friend told me, they learn the Coran, Al hamdulillah, but not it meaning even with Arabic parents.

 I finally read Coran with translation and I found out I was Muslim.Because I believe God is one, I believe in Angels, I believe in ALL prophets and I believe in the judgment day.And my point of view about our beloved Jesus, peace be upon him is the same.

At that time I was 34. 2 years later I married a Muslim Pakistani. Al hamdulillah! 

Everyone always think I converted to get married or I wear hijab because he wants it.

Actually I was Muslim before marriage and I decided to wear hijab myself. And I am sure a lot of converted sisters hear the same speech ! 

In 2016, Allah blessed us with a daughter. 

Al hamdulillah ❤️

So I started to think… How I am going to teach Islam to my child as I haven’t been raised as Muslim… And I decide to create this blog ! In another post I explain why.

I post when my baby is asleep and I finished my chores, so be patient it’s sunnah ❤️
Fi amanilah!
Allah hafiz!



sorry if my English is not perfect but i am french

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