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YouTube ~ Nasheeds

Assalam aleykoum waratmatullah wabarakatuh sisters,

It’s been a while since I didn’t post anything! I have been kind of busy with my 9 months baby al hamdulilah ❤️

Well, I was looking for another way to teach her dua and make Muslim values, words an habit in her everyday life.

So I kept on singing Elizabeth Lymer baby rhymes but I found some more ! 

Here is a playlist I sometimes play for her (listen only) and sing to her so that she may remember later on how and when to say Bismilah, learn Arabic alphabet, mathematics, Muslim values and more… two nasheeds (no music) are in urdu as my husband is Pakistani and one in French as I am French of course !

  1. Bismillah song in urdu
  2. Muslim lullabies by Elizabeth Lymer 
  3. SubhanAllah ~woh ek hi Allah hai
  4. Forever by Zain Bhika
  5. La ilaha illAllah (French)
  6. My daily 5 prayers with Zaky
  7. Bismillah
  8. Bismillah ~ I am a Muslim
  9. That’s what Muhammad said
  10. Allah created everything
  11. Arabic alphabet song
  12. Upsy Daisy
  13. My mum is amazing
  14. Allah knows
  15. Heart of a Muslim
  16. You are very special by Zain Bhika
  17. Give thanks to Allah
  18. I remember Allah
  19. Best Arabic alphabet song ever ! (For me)
  20. A is for Allah
  21. I look, I look, I look, I see (yusuf Islam)
  22. Your mother !
  23. The 5 prayers time ~ Quickety tickety tock
  24. Allah made us from head to toes
  25. 6 times table by Elizabeth Lymer
  26. 5 times table by Elizabeth Lymer
  27. 4 times table by Elizabeth Lymer
  28. 3 times table by Elizabeth Lymer
  29. 2 times table by Elizabeth Lymer
  30. 1 time table by Elizabeth Lymer
  31. God is one Almighty God
  32. One two three four five prayers a day

Of course playing Qran is the best !subhanAllah but not easy for a young child to remember, that’s why I searched for easy ways to start teaching.

Don’t hesitate to share with me on comment here or on the Facebook page!

Allah afiz 

Fi amanela 



sorry if my English is not perfect but i am french

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