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Eid Mubarak! 

Assalam aleykoum warathmatullah wabarakatuh sisters !

Well I am quite busy with packing as we are going to move out of London but I am going to be more busy… we had the best news and gift on Eid’s day ! 

I am expecting a new baby Al hamdulilah!

That explains why I was so tired and I forgot so many things 😂 (like my blog’s posts for Ramadan !!!!) 

Here is how my husband found out coming back from the mosque, with a gift from his 1 year old daughter inside a card.

I hope you had a nice Eid celebration with your family and loved ones and I wish that Allah’s mercy & blessings shine on you.

Fi amanela 

Allah hafiz 



sorry if my English is not perfect but i am french

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