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Bookclub review: Sophia Khan is not obliged ~ Ayisha Malik.

Assalam aleykoum warathmatullah wabarakatuh.

I just finished the book so I am going to tell you what I do think about it (spoil alert 🚨that I will try to put at the end of the post with this emoticon 🚨).

And ~reminding me borrowing books from my mother as a Teenager~ if I would like my daughter to read it when she will be older.

But let’s first answer the questions at the end of the book 📖

  1. Have you ever read a novel with a Muslim protagonist before ? Do you think it changed the way you read the book ? I guess it’s the first one I read, it may have changed a bit the way I was reading it but I’m very pleased of a strong Muslim character who speaks her mind and is not afraid to be different and do things her way.
  2. Was Sophia what you expected of a Muslim heroine ? In what way was she different? The expected thing for Muslim heroine was that she prays. The unexpected is that sometimes her language is a bit … unmuslim. But the book is realistic because no one is perfect! No one can be ! And I’m very happy she is not ashamed of being a 30 virgin, Hijabi who pray ! Especially in a western country. I think it’s a good role model (would be a very good one if she wouldn’t smoke and sometimes swear). But I don’t think she is that much different of actual living Muslim. I’m French & revert and a lot of Muslim I met in my life are quite like that actually. (Except I don’t know about their privacy including prayers).
  3. What did you think of the title ? In what ways is Sophia not obliged ? Do you think the author meant to use the word ironically ? If so, how ? The way I see the title is that she is not obliged to be like everyone else. She is not obliged to get married if she doesn’t want or is not ready. And it define a bit her mentality in a way I can’t really explain…
  4. 🚨Would you want to read Sophia’s Muslim dating book ? Do you think she was right not to follow through with it ? 🚨 How important do you think it is to share religious beliefs with your partner? Well, I’m not sure if I want to read it or not… but I’m actually reading the following book to know what will happen next !!! I think she was right because Sofia is not obliged! Of course! If she doesn’t feel it’s right she definitely shouldn’t do it ! About the religious beliefs: I think it is one of the most important thing you have to share your partner with! Especially Islam because the practice is daily and if you don’t share it you miss one thing important in a couple which is mutual understanding. Couple relationship is complicated enough 😅
  5. 🚨This question is the greatest spolier ever so I will write it and answer at the very end of the post! 🚨

Now what do I think about the book: I loved it, I love Sophia Khan, she is strong, she is intelligent, a bit crazy (good way). She is not scared to assume who she is, she wear her hijab no matter what people say or think about her, she prays at work, she is great. I would love to be her friend despite of her smoking habits and… language sometimes !

The two only things that I’m not very confortable with.

But maybe is not to have a too perfect Muslim heroine, maybe a too perfect heroine practicing Islam would not have caught the intention of some readers for long.

Would I let my daughter borrow this (these) books. I’m still unsure. In a way yes, a heroine practising Islam, living with her parents, working and still waiting to get married to have intimacy with a man. Who has a strong mentality is a great example for a teenager Or young adult. It has this “don’t be ashamed of what you believe in/ you are/ what you want” thing. So It could be good.

In another way I’m very uncomfortable with the “smoking is ok” thing… and language… still 2 things she will probably face in real life with friends/colleagues/non Muslim family members but These really made me feel SO uncomfortable, I wouldn’t want her to think I am ok with these habits.

But one thing is sure I would be very happy if my daughter turned to be a Sophia Khan. Despite her flaws… as long as she ask Allah for forgiveness. 💕

🚨🚨🚨🚨 spoiler 🚨 🚨🚨🚨

Book 1:

Question 5: How do you imagine Conall and Sophia’s relationship? Did she make the right choice ?

I imagine them praying and fasting together 😊 and quitting their bad habits together!

Is the second question a real question? Lol

Why would it be a wrong choice ? (Yes even after reading book 2 for those who know what happens next).

Book 2: going through the pages I was so disappointed of the cliché of revert who did it for someone and not just by faith. We face it everyday as reverted and I was so happy to think he would not convert for her but for the love of Allah.

And we (reverted) would have needed/wanted a hero that converted for Allah and not for love.

You don’t know how annoying it is when people say to you “oh you are Muslim because of your husband ?” Like you don’t have a brain of your own or you can’t believe in something because that’s not what you have been taught…

but at the end you can clearly understand he really do believe in Allah and he found peace.


Loved the stories but won’t keep the books In My bookshelf.


sorry if my English is not perfect but i am french 😜

2 thoughts on “Bookclub review: Sophia Khan is not obliged ~ Ayisha Malik.

  1. Very good review. I agree with lots of your points actually and find it interesting to see other interpretations of the character and storyline.
    I also get asked ALOT if I am Muslim because of my husband… Or did he make me Muslim… Er no. Lol I have a brain and used it thank you.
    Keep the reviews coming x

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