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Muslim Community care uk

Assalam aleykoum waratmatullah wabarakatu

The idea of creating a Muslim community care uk Facebook group came to me after reading this article.

I don’t know if it’s because I am reverted but i have never really felt the sense of community around Muslims. I know quite a few. For my first Ramadan none invited me for Iftar knowing I was the only Muslim of my family so i was obviously alone. Same with Eids.

Some sisters may do good deeds in private al hamdulilah, I would never say it doesn’t exist but I have never really felt it.

Expect when I had some help from sisters after my second pregnancy but still I feel some kind of isolated.

I just met a sister in my area telling me the same, so we are planning on meeting to go to the mosque. In sha Allah.

I want to create a space like this. Where sisters can share ideas, activities, help each other’s and don’t feel shy about asking for help.

If there is a lot of sisters in same area we can create a support group and some meet ups later in sha Allah.

Sometimes we just need to meet someone to chat and have a coffee time to time. Some help with sorting out clothes for charity. Someone to help clean the house for a big day and not afford to pay for it. Someone to help decorating the nursery room for a new baby coming, for gardening , learn a new skill… well these are examples but let’s be here for each other’s for anything… in sha Allah ❤️

🌸Join & share the sisterhood🌸


sorry if my English is not perfect but i am french 😜

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