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*Understand Your Child’s Development* For the Muslim Parent

Assalam aleykoum waratmattulah wabarakatu

I had the great opportunity to read the book *Understand Your Child’s Development* For the Muslim Parent by DJARABI KITABS PUBLISHING.

First I have to say I love the dedication !

Now I finished it I can say Al Hamdulilah !

Thank you sisters for this book!

I mean I was reading about children psychology, gentle parenting and things like that and every time my husband was sceptical about my parenting and once said “you should read Islamic parenting books.* It’s not that I disagree with what you do but I think we should have advices from Muslims.”

*i did actually. What I love about this book it’s that the sisters really talk about what non Muslims children’s professionals demonstrated is exactly what we are taught in Islam but we tend to forget as we most of the time listen to parents or friends with experiences, that are parenting in a different way.

Well now I have read that what I was actually doing was good ! Ma sha Allah ! I kept on hearing people telling me to leave my kids to cry otherwise they will get spoiled ! Or force them to eat…

I think it’s a great book that we should gift to every new Muslim parents. Because it’s gentle parenting in the light of Islam. With references and very good activities examples.

I really enjoyed it.

Here is a list of others reviews (sure much better than mine).

I really recommend this book and I will talk about it to all my Muslim’s mothers friends and surely gift to mums-to-be. In sha Allah.



sorry if my English is not perfect but i am french 😜

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