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Come and join me ! 

Assalam aleykoum warahmatullah wabarakatuh sisters !

If you want To post on this blog and share With us your idea sur on how To raise Children in Islamic values you are more than welcome ! 

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I hope To hear from you soon !

Allah hafiz !

Fi amanilah ❤️


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Islamic nursery rhymes

Assalam aleykoum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,

I start all post apologising if my English is not perfect but I’m French living in UK for a year and a half.

I’m going to talk about nursery rhymes. 

When I was pregnant I start thinking, what can I sing for my baby? Because baby like rhymes and it’s the way they start focus on voices and words. 

I’m not a big fan of French rhymes and I wanted to introduce Islamic values since birth with them.

So I started looking on Internet and I made a pretty nice discovery! 

Elizabeth Lymer

First I heard the songs on YouTube and I bought the book straight away! 

The good thing is when you are French and don’t know any of English rhymes the YouTube video is a great help to learn how to sing them! 

under each rhymes it’s written the tune

Plus I like her Facebook page and Instagram, and thank of that I discovered a lot of good pages & websites ! 

Al hamdulilah! 

With The Muslims round the world your child will learn that there is Muslims everywhere, that we pray 5 times a day and the steps for salat.

With Helpful Hannah your child will know some of the Muslim’s qualities.

With we gather altogether, your child will learn about generosity.

With wudu, your child will know about how to do it long before starting to do it.

With worship Allah there, your child will learn about Allah ‘s omnipresence.

With Muhammed peace be upon him,  your child will learn about our beloved prophet.

With Bond,bond,with all your kin,your child will learn about family value.

With Assalam ‘aleykum, your child will learn about Muslim’s greetings and prayers.

With After ‘Isha’ we can sleep, your child will know about what to do and say before going to bed. 

With the five prayer times, your child will learn about salat.

With tired Muslims, your child will learn about remembering Allah an on which side they should sleep.

Conclusion: with these rhymes your child will learn a lot at an early age in their language. Because it has been proven that babies learn fast and when you repeat the same rhymes every day it’s he best way for them to learn and when they will start talking they will sing along with you ! In sha Allah!

What a nice way to start learning! Al hamdulillah ! 

Sometimes I read surras and duas aswell to my baby but I will talk about it in a next post ! In sha Allah ! Don’t hesitate to comment and tell me what do you think about this!

I post when my baby is asleep and I finished my chores, so be patient it’s sunnah ❤️

Fi amanilah!

Allah hafiz!