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My first Qran 

Assalam aleykoum waratmatullah wabarakatuh sisters 

I forgot to talked about the very first book I bought for my baby!

Even if it’s for children older than my daughter I started reading to her (like I start playing Qran or teaching time table with songs) because she may record helpful informations in a corner of her mind in sha Allah ! 

And I think this book is really good ! We gifted it for the daughter of friends aswell as it is a good introduction to the Qran when they will reach the age to learn it in sha Allah.

Every Muslim books is opportunity to learn ~ Rabbi zideni ilma

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Parenting Muslim Books

Assalam aleykoum warahmatullah wabarakatuh !

It’s been long since I didn’t write anything because my baby wasn’t feeling well and then was my turn !

But we are all fine now Al hamdulilah! 

I just bought 2 Islamic parenting books today on eBay 

Raising children by Faramarz bin Muhammad Rahbar 95 pages.
Raising children is a serious responsibility as that of a shepherd. Just as a shepherd must be careful of the well-being of his flock, parents must be constantly alert, taking care that their children do not stray and fall victim to the wolves. Muslim parents face a tremendous challenge to see to it that their children are raised in accordance with the Qur’an and the Sunnah. For only by doing so they can save them from the Fire.

The Muslim parent’s guide to the early years (0-5 years) by Umm Safiyyah bunt Najmaddin. 104 pages.

The Muslim Paren’t Guide to the Early Years is an invaluable aid for parents to help bring up their pre-school age children in an Islamic setting. It offers advice from the Qur’an and Sunnah to the busy parent about a variety of issues from how to create a child-friendly, Islamic home environment right through to how to deal with a disruptive child. It is packed full of ideas and activities that will keep children from the ages of 0 to 5 stimulated in all areas of their physical, mental, emotional and religious development, with sample daily activity plan, themes and observation chart.

I may talk about these books later on in another posts in sha Allah.

Do you have any book to advice ? 

Do you read Islamic parenting books ? 

We can discuss about it on my Facebook page

Have a nice day !

Allah hafiz 

Fi amanela 

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Do you know Owh so Muslim (OSM)? 

Assalam aleykoum warahmatullah wabarakatuh  !

Do You know OWH SO Muslim ? I dont remember exactly  how I found their page but I like it a lot ! 

They are based in Malaisia.

I asked their permission to share their catalogue and  some pictures with you.

I haven’t order yet, but I will! 

They have booklets, notebooks, badges, page markers, magnets and car stickers.
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Tell me which one is your favourite? 

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Princess series inspired by the Asma ul Husna- the 99 names of Allah

Assalam aleykoum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,
I start all post apologising if my English is not perfect but I’m French living in UK for a year and a half.

Today I’m going to talk about books I bought for my daughter.

Even if these books are for age 3-6 I already started to read them to my daughter since  she is born.

Maybe because I like to read and I hope she will too and also because my English is not that good and I want to read in English so we both will learn more vocabulary. 

As I presume she will like princesses (well I like them !) I found this collection of princesses stories.

It’s a collection of 8 books. We have 6. 

It’s not that I didn’t find all of them but I chose not to buy 2 of them : One is about a circus (and I don’t like circus because of the way animals are treated to learn some tricks so I kind of boycott it), and the second one about a spider … And I am arachnophobiac … 


Each book start with Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim (in the name of Allah the most beneficient the most merciful) and finish with Alhamdulillah Rabbil Aalameen (praise to Allah the Lord of all the worlds).

Each book tells a story about a Princesse whom name is inspired from Asma Ul Husna and each princess show us a Muslim value. 

Al-Nur ~ The light = Princesse Noura who cares for the environment (plants & animals)…

Ar-Rasheed ~ The guide = Princess Rasheeda who is very smart and likes To read and learn…

Al-Karim~ The Generous = Princess Karima who helps people in need…

Al-Aziz~ The Mighty = Princess Aziza a nice person who cares a lot about her family…

Al-Shahid~ The witness = Princess Shahida , very curious who wants to know about the world…

Al-Haleem~ The forebearing = Princess Haleema who is very loving and caring… 

What I like about these books ? 

First we are learning about Allah’s names and their meanings (they should definitely edit 99 books !), second these Princesses are actively doing things for the ummah. 

In occidental princesses stories the princes do all the hard work ! In these Princesses are not waiting for someone to change their life, they do their part ! And I like it ! This is what life is about! Our own good deeds ! Because in theses books it’s all about it ! 

I think it’s good for my daughter to hear stories about Princesses who do Good deeds for the others, hope it will encourage her to do the same ! I will always encourage her to do it anyway 😊

Where to buy these books

At the back of each book there is the name of this website but I found mine on eBay.  

I post when my baby is asleep and I finished my chores, so be patient it’s sunnah ❤️

Fi amanilah!

Allah hafiz!

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Islamic nursery rhymes

Assalam aleykoum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,

I start all post apologising if my English is not perfect but I’m French living in UK for a year and a half.

I’m going to talk about nursery rhymes. 

When I was pregnant I start thinking, what can I sing for my baby? Because baby like rhymes and it’s the way they start focus on voices and words. 

I’m not a big fan of French rhymes and I wanted to introduce Islamic values since birth with them.

So I started looking on Internet and I made a pretty nice discovery! 

Elizabeth Lymer

First I heard the songs on YouTube and I bought the book straight away! 

The good thing is when you are French and don’t know any of English rhymes the YouTube video is a great help to learn how to sing them! 

under each rhymes it’s written the tune

Plus I like her Facebook page and Instagram, and thank of that I discovered a lot of good pages & websites ! 

Al hamdulilah! 

With The Muslims round the world your child will learn that there is Muslims everywhere, that we pray 5 times a day and the steps for salat.

With Helpful Hannah your child will know some of the Muslim’s qualities.

With we gather altogether, your child will learn about generosity.

With wudu, your child will know about how to do it long before starting to do it.

With worship Allah there, your child will learn about Allah ‘s omnipresence.

With Muhammed peace be upon him,  your child will learn about our beloved prophet.

With Bond,bond,with all your kin,your child will learn about family value.

With Assalam ‘aleykum, your child will learn about Muslim’s greetings and prayers.

With After ‘Isha’ we can sleep, your child will know about what to do and say before going to bed. 

With the five prayer times, your child will learn about salat.

With tired Muslims, your child will learn about remembering Allah an on which side they should sleep.

Conclusion: with these rhymes your child will learn a lot at an early age in their language. Because it has been proven that babies learn fast and when you repeat the same rhymes every day it’s he best way for them to learn and when they will start talking they will sing along with you ! In sha Allah!

What a nice way to start learning! Al hamdulillah ! 

Sometimes I read surras and duas aswell to my baby but I will talk about it in a next post ! In sha Allah ! Don’t hesitate to comment and tell me what do you think about this!

I post when my baby is asleep and I finished my chores, so be patient it’s sunnah ❤️

Fi amanilah!

Allah hafiz!