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Islamic monthly box

Assalam aleykoum

I was looking on internet for some monthly subscription box for little Muslims.

Thinking about some books, crafts activities… and I’m surprised as there is not much options in the UK 🇬🇧

I found 2 crafty boxes.

None with books!!!

Apparently one box had good reviews from Mothers but doesn’t exists anymore !


Aren’t parents interested in learning Islamic values in a fun way ?

It’s the best way to learn for kids!

So I’m calling to all book sellers, homeschooling mums with creativity : can we not just try to make it ???

I would be the first interested ! It could be a good opportunity to promote yourself too. (Website, blog…)

Sometimes I wish I had what it takes to make my own business out of it !

Muslim children need it !!!

Muslim children need more cartoons, books, box activities with Islamic content !!!

What are we waiting for ????

If you are interested in doing something like this, contact me.

If you would love to subscribe to this kind of box, contact me.

If you made it, and need more advertising contact me!

We will make it together in sha Allah !

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Beneficial parenting advices Ma sha Allah

Assalam aleykoum sisters! Hope you are all well ! Just want to let you know about this beneficial webinar Al hamdulilah !

Webinar title : The Secret to Raising Happy, Pious and Productive Muslims 

In this webinar, you will discover…

  • The No.1 Mistakes Muslim Parents Make – Learn how Muslim Parents unknowingly distances their child from Allah (swt) and from themselves.
  • The Real Reason Why Your Child Challenges and Defies You – Discover the surprising truth that lies behind your child’s negative attitude and behaviour. 
  • The Secret to Raising Happy, Pious and Productive Muslims – Discover my 3 Simple Steps to turnaround your child’s challenging behaviour so that they grow up effortlessly wanting to choose the straight path, inshaa Allah. 

I just listened to it and it’s a huge reminder. I’m very grateful to sister Amina for sharing her experience and the 3 simple steps for better Muslim parenting. I saw the publication randomly on Facebook but there is no randomness for us believers. Allah wanted me to remember all that ❤️. I needed it! Allahu Akbar !

More informations:

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*Understand Your Child’s Development* For the Muslim Parent

Assalam aleykoum waratmattulah wabarakatu

I had the great opportunity to read the book *Understand Your Child’s Development* For the Muslim Parent by DJARABI KITABS PUBLISHING.

First I have to say I love the dedication !

Now I finished it I can say Al Hamdulilah !

Thank you sisters for this book!

I mean I was reading about children psychology, gentle parenting and things like that and every time my husband was sceptical about my parenting and once said “you should read Islamic parenting books.* It’s not that I disagree with what you do but I think we should have advices from Muslims.”

*i did actually. What I love about this book it’s that the sisters really talk about what non Muslims children’s professionals demonstrated is exactly what we are taught in Islam but we tend to forget as we most of the time listen to parents or friends with experiences, that are parenting in a different way.

Well now I have read that what I was actually doing was good ! Ma sha Allah ! I kept on hearing people telling me to leave my kids to cry otherwise they will get spoiled ! Or force them to eat…

I think it’s a great book that we should gift to every new Muslim parents. Because it’s gentle parenting in the light of Islam. With references and very good activities examples.

I really enjoyed it.

Here is a list of others reviews (sure much better than mine).

I really recommend this book and I will talk about it to all my Muslim’s mothers friends and surely gift to mums-to-be. In sha Allah.